Flower drawer mechanic update:



These critically sized divider blocks for the pivoting mechanic are presently on my work bench was something that held up the project for several months, since I was nervous about the accuracy needed to make it all work. One month to think about it, one week making the two jigs, and one hour for milling the 4 little blocks. Insane and difficult little things, which have to milled to a tolerance of  +/- .002”.  The difficulty was: my reference line could only be based on a 3” long 3/16” screw hole drilled into the end grain of the rough block. Based off the hole, the block was shaped, milled at 90 degrees to the hole, and perfectly sized to fit into an area that connects the top and bottom ring holding the table together, and is visually dividing the drawers on either side. No room for error. Yikes. (see pic)

Here is a short clip of the final operating mechanic for this table!


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