“Veneer, Marquetry and Furniture Design” This Weekend in San Diego

I’ll be at the San Diego School School for Creative and Performing Arts to address the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association this weekend, September 16-17-18,  2011. Part of the event is free and open to the public, so I’d like to invite you to join me on Friday evening from 7-9pm when I’ll lecture about “Intuitive Design”. The San Diego School for Creative &

Performing Arts is at 2425 Dusk Drive, San Diego, CA  92139.

Here are some inspirational notes on recognizing and honoring your Intuition:

• Honor and Respect your flashes and don’t label any as silly or coincidental.

      • Brevity and simplicity—Express your ideas from the intuitive mind briefly in a line or two.  Considerable talking or drawing belongs to the logical mind.

      • Symbol, picture, and imagery—the intuitive mind will turn on the images inside your head, or a sensation in the body. Can you the taste how the picture sounds?

      • Suspend assumptions—Use intuitive input as naively as possible without entertaining any preconceived notions. No Judgments.

      • When you are grounded and in the flow, first impressions are usually correct.

      • Faint stirrings—Respect the weakly articulated impressions as strongly as you do the loud raps of intuition.

      • Active-passive—Intuition can come passively, like a “flash out of the blue” or actively when you ask a question and patently wait for a reply.

      • Enhanced receptivity—Letting go of tension or stress helps you relax and receive the pictures, images and symbols sent by the intuitive mind. Practice: Music & Silence, Movement & Relaxation, Meditation & Complete Chaos.

      • Associate—Freely associating to the imagery sent by the intuitive mind will help you unravel the underlying meaning of the symbols.

• Playful moments—Enjoy the intuitive process.  Fun and levity weaken analysis and strengthen the intuitive flow. Combine whacky ideas, see what emerges.

Please join me from 7-9pm on Friday evening in San Diego!


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