“Jewelry Box with Marquetry” Class, Oct 24-28, 2011

Busy month! I’ll be at the Ng School of Woodworking again in October, teaching “Jewelry Box with Marquetry” for FIVE DAYS!



Again, the max class size is just 12 students, so REGISTER NOW.

This class is an instructional hands-on five day workshop that will involve making a 10” x 15” x 4” high-end wooden jewelry box with a veneer marquetry design applied onto the top lid and completing it by the end of the week. I will cover the challenges and considerations of combining solid woodwork with veneer work, and give each student instruction and hands-on experience working with both mediums on this box project. The objective for this class is to understand the process of fine box design and create a beautiful and mechanically sound frame, make a wood marquetry picture using simple hand tools, a scroll saw, and use proven veneer assembly and glue-up techniques to complete the project. There will be a variety of marquetry patterns to choose from, or I will instruct you how to draw one, for use on your box project.


The first day will be dedicated to finalizing the box design, selecting the veneers and hardwoods each student will be using, and begin milling.

The second day will be dedicated to constructing the box, gluing it together, sanding, fitting the components and beginning creating the marquetry lid.

The third day we complete the marquetry and glue up the panel.

The fourth and fifth day we combine the panel and frame, hinge the lid, dress out the interior and finish the box with oil or lacquer.


Each student should have some basic woodworking knowledge in order to safely complete the project during the week. There is no veneering or marquetry knowledge required for this class, however, I recommend that each student review my book ‘Decorative Veneering’ and watch the accompanying DVD on prior to the class, since it is my experience that the more knowledge you gain prior to class, the exponentially further you will progress. The class size is limited to twelve people and the blueprints, hardware, tools, supplies and other material needed for this class will be provided on the first day, which are included in your material fee. Other useful marquetry tools, supplies and veneer will be available for purchase at the end of this one week seminar.

REGISTER NOW for this exciting course!


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