Decorative Veneering Class- Marc Adams School 2011


Just finished up a 5-day decorative veneering class that I have been teaching at Marc Adams School of Woodworking for 16 years now: class photo of 2011 holding selected projects on the morning of day 5. Everyone had a great time, worked thier tails off and produced work that was  Lavori Favolosi !!!

I also just got some great feedback from a member of the San Diego Fine Woodworking Association, where I recently presented a 2.5 day seminar on “Veneer, Marquetry, and Furniture Design”:


……..Since joining the SDFWA, I have attended 6 of the last 7 Fall Seminars. While each of the past events have been well worth the price of admission, this year’s event may be hard to beat! Paul is an excellent communicator and was very well prepared for his audience. What I really enjoyed was the scaled back scope of the project! We actually got to see the project go from design concept to finished product. Some of the previous projects were too much for the allotted period of time and it was disappointing to not see the entire process. I much rather prefer a scaled back project that gets completed! I also enjoyed Sunday afternoon’s session during which Paul addressed a number of short marquetry/veneering related topics – edge finishing techniques, chess board, parquetry, etc. Topics were spot on and very informative. ???Thank you for all the hard work and effort that goes into the planning and execution of this annual event. Looking forward to next year’s program!

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