Game Table class photo

The class on ‘Building a Game Table’ that was held at MASW a couple of years ago was fading out for me but when this photo was just sent to me by a student, it brought back memories…I am amazed on the diversity of styles and designs. It was pretty funny, since we were suppose to have a set size, shape and task to do a table that would fit into a 2′ x 2′ x 3′ cube, and as you can see, everyone did something completely different!  At least they were all tables…. 


In 2012 I will conducting a seven-day class called ‘Cabinets into Furniture’ where we will design and make a bow-front cabinet, with Marquetry, shiny hardware, and decorated to the hilt, which is basically a furniture grade cabinet that would be installed into a home. We shall see what happens!


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