Annual Marquetry Class at my Shop in Santa Barbara CA

The annual class at my shop here in Santa Barbara was quite successful, fun, fast-paced, and productive. Everyone made a couple of pieces, we did a group project, and Randy tackled an intricate ebony table. I have limited this class to 6 people, where we can spread out, and do many different things during the five days.The comments were ‘fast paced’, ‘very informative’, ‘intense’. One of the students, Michael, blogged about the class on the woodworking forum. Free to sign up, big following with a lot of content….  here is the link to the blog, with a more in depth day-to-day commentary with pics, if you sign up:

Here are a few photos of the week…. 



One thought on “Annual Marquetry Class at my Shop in Santa Barbara CA

  1. Was the best class I have ever attended.. learned so much and really expanded my knowledge and skill level with this class alone..Hat’s off to Paul for his awesome teaching abilities and patience..

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