AWFS 2013 in Las Vegas !



After the tour of old haunts and the older shops in Europe and finishing the trip with a presentation to the UK Marquetarian society, we returned from record heat in sweltering London, to more hot weather in Las Vegas. The AWFS show was good, attendance up slightly from the year before, more sales with optimism that was apparent. The first 4 hour session on Marquetry (of course) and a four-hour presentation on vacuum forming and laminating. This subject of vacuum is becoming more relevent in my shop for cutting edge new work, such making dresses for this bustier top, or the pod cabinet that was done my infusing epoxy into a form to create the staves. More to come !!

This 6’ diameter piece is an dynamic display cabinet, featuring ten articulated nestling doors made of epoxy infused fiberglass, compound curved doors, brushed black oak shelves and gold plated steel hardware. One finger operation.


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