Marc Adams School in Indiana

MASW 2014   I returned to this well known woodworking school in the heart of Indiana, after taking a sabbatical from teaching in 2013. I have been doing 1, 2 and 5-day classes there for about 16 years, (sometimes twice a year.) The school has grown considerably since I started, and Marc continues to add more buildings for classes, finding new instructors, upgrading equipment and improving the facility to become the first class school that it is today. He brings in national and international instructors that are experts in their fields, and schedules between 140 to 160 classes per year. It is a well-oiled and maintained machine. I enjoy the ‘Picture and Pizza’ night, where I get to see examples from other instructors and see what other skills are being taught, and the opportunity to see other instructors teaching style.

This veneering class had 15 students and we had the class split into three loosely formed groups. Decorative veneering, Marquetry and Veneering furniture components. The challenge for this class was learning how to repair veneer that had de-laminations bubbles on almost everybodies first project, due an unusual bleached and dyed elm veneer that we used. One student that had taken my class before finished several projects of advanced work, and we used Gorilla glue for laminating much of the veneer work to the cores. All of the students got to see most facets of veneering skills, production work, designing marquetry patterns, chessboards, parquetry, and using veneer in furniture.


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