David Marks School- a four day class in marquetry

This 2015 marquetry class held in Santa Rosa CA was the third time I have given a seminar at Davids shop in this lovely northern CA town.  It was a full class of 10 students, and the range of work was impressive, as I have come to expect from the students that come to his school. This four-day class is a condensed version of the 5 and 6-day class, so the heat is usually on pretty high, to get all projects designed, cut, sand shaded, assembled and finished. Most students made two panels, and my favorite was the abstract cow, and the three wine barrels with the brass  faucets with what appeared to be a gazillion parts, which actually got finished by the fourth day!  We also got to experiment a bit with pushing veneer to its limit, yet again. DJMarks class 2015.jpg

D.Marks2.JPGD.Marks4.JPGDMarks3.JPGDMarks Vacing a vessel.JPG


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